List of other faucets:

Rollercoin - Play games and earn crypto
DOGE Generator - Claim 0.003DOGE every 5 min!
Solana generator - Claim 148SOL sat. every 5min!
Coin Diversity - Lots of coins every min!
Memecoins - Lots of coins but every 5min
Vie Faucet - Honestly best faucet here
Faucet Crypto - Not such good as Vie but its still nice
Fire Faucet - Plenty of activities = Lots of coins
CoinPayU - Lots of PTC
CryptoWin - Legit faucet with revenue option
11Bitz - 111%ref commission!
TRXsatoshi - faucet like every other
Megano Coin - up to 900LTC sat. every 5min
Free USDT - free USDT every 5min
Free LTC - free LTC every 5min
Free TRX - free TRX every 5 min
Free DOGE - another DOGEwow faucet
DigiTask - and other DOGEwow faucet
TRXsatoshi - cool TRX faucet
Turbo BTC - up to 10sat. every 2min
Turbo DOGE - up to 0.005DOGE every 2min
Turbo LTC - up to 400LTC sat. evety 2min
Turbo TRX - up to 0.01TRX every 2min
Turbo BNB - up to 100BNB sat. every 2min
Turbo SOL - up to 500SOL sat. every 2 min
Turbo DASH - up to 350DASH sat. every 2min
Turbo USDT - up to 0.0005USDT every 2 min
Turbo ZEC - up to 250ZEC sat. every 2 mint
Turbo DGB - up to 0.02DGB every 2 min
ClaimFreeBTC - up to 20sat. every 5min
ClaimFreeDOGE - up to 0.01DOGE every 5min - No Captcha, free doge every 10min - No Captcha, BNB every 10min - No Captcha, LTC every 5min - No captcha, TRX evert 10min
YesCoiner - BTC every 5 mint
rich-nuts - high DOGE rewards
And lot more on


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